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This door first caught my attention because of the accordion like form and the color of the natural wood contrasting to the concrete. After reading more and viewing the photos from the Design Milk web site, I realized that this was an entry door. The third photo above shows it closed and the stair case that sits on the other side of the wall.

I especially like the large handle that is used to open and close this beast. And it is a very tall beast. It looks to be about 2 stories or more. The shape of light that it creates when opened is also a nice feature that could be overlooked. Looking at the first picture of the article, I cannot help but keep looking up towards the top of the door. I looked away and looked at it again but still the same urge to look up. I believe this is because the accordion structure actually creates a path for your eyes in the shape of stairs. We usually think of stairs as a way to get up first rather than down which would explain this urge.  Also notice the very long (about 25 feet) hallway you must walk down once you enter. Opening the door and walking into this house must create an experience very unique to other home’s entry ways.

In the common home, opening the door and entering the house is a short lived experience. The duration is only composed of opening the door, viewing the inside directly in front of you, then closing the door. Now you’re inside of the home. In this house, there are many more changes in experience when entering. First opening the door from the outside is very different than closing or opening it from the inside. There is no handle on the outside so you must push. After opening the door, you are greeted by a very long hallway with tall ceilings and what looks like a living room in the far distance. If you were to turn the corner before entering the living space ahead you are greeted by more tall ceilings of a narrow passage way. I’m emphasizing experience here because I am not used to this kind of entry way. To me, the experience seems different and personally exciting. To the people who live here, over time it may become more normal. That’s just how it goes, but I think the common viewer would agree with me that, the designer of this home has done a great job re-creating how and what an entry way can be.


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