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Who says the legs of a table have to come strait down from the surface? No one I guess, but for some reason, that’s how we do things around here (Earth). This article , which is also where the photos are from, shows off the Illusion Side Table by Brazilian designer, Roberta Rampazzo. It’s x shaped legs are interesting in that, your position when looking at the table will change the perspective of where the legs start and end. Though the photos show the table on a white background, which allows the illusion to play even stronger on our eyes, I think in a normal home or office setting, it would still have a strong and similar effect.

Because the legs still end up pressing on the same points as a “normal” table leg, the forces are pretty much the same as far as supporting the table. That’s what I like most about this design. It creates the same functioning table we are all used to seeing, but visually is not. This is still form following function, just not in the simplest form.


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