I love the Design Milk website because of the variety of design they report on. Today I found this black and white modern style home from Canada. Overall, I really like the design inside and out. It is very, very open on the inside and has really nice black accents scattered throughout the home. I especially like the square of black rocks you can sometimes find to the side of the floor. Looking through all of the pictures of the article, one thing grabbed my attention the most. The swimming pool is light blue. Immediately, I knew what I was going to write about this morning when I saw the pool. Here you have a great black and white design for a home. The cabinets are stylish, the floors contrast with the walls just a little, and the geometry is just my style. Then, in the backyard where everything is still flowing as one, there is a blue pool. The question I asked myself out loud immediately was, “why not have a black pool?” Or even a white one, or even a dark blue one.

So, there might be some kind of regulations on having kids and what color your pool has to be or some other rules like this, but  at least cover it with something for the shoot right? Those rocks that were in the floor would have looked great at the bottom of the pool. Large white ceramic tiles would have made this pool “fit” into the rest of the home. A dark color would also absorb heat better than the light blue, thus saving on heating costs if any. It’s not a huge pool and maybe this is why they did not customize it as much as the rest of the home. The cost to install a small regulation swimming pool, I’m sure, is much less than a small custom pool. And for this reason, I can understand the conflict I have mentioned in this post. A black pool would definitely stick out like a sore thumb in this back yard, but the pool is kind of the main feature of it. At least it would stick with the black and white theme that the entire home already uses.


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