I watched the movie Urbanized tonight. Here are some concepts I found interesting. While most are taken from the film, others are thoughts that were sparked in my own mind. Those are marked by *

  • If there is no room for expansion, it keeps getting denser and denser
  • Making every place you want to go further away from the last
  • What creates traffic is not the number of cars, it’s the number of trips
  • What if public transportation was free *
  • Increasing the social status of bicyclist
  • Putting bike lanes on the other side of the parked cars
  • Could layout and bikes be the answer to our commuting problems? * yes
  • It’s not about how many people are walking in the city, it’s about how many people have stopped walking in order to enjoy something happening in the city
  • The urban habitat of homo sapiens
  • What will design actually mess up here? (nature)
  • And the noises are part of it
  • Home ownership, on it’s own little piece of dirt
  • What’s up with empty parking lots? *
  • Why have we really chosen daytime to be our active time? *
  • Below average is not always a bad thing*
  • VPUU
  • It seems like it’s easier to reach out to the entire world than to your own neighborhood.


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