Emotion makes a big difference in any action. It determines why we do what do. Actually, according to Tony Robbins it actually determines, if we do. I think he brings up a solid point when talking about individual decisions effecting the destiny of others. One of his stated 6 needs includes reaching out and giving back. Besides the fact that this maybe creates a sense of accomplishment or “warm feeling” inside of you, I think it does something else. To make it into a TED talk you have to have the right emotion. The kind of emotion that makes a difference for more people than just you consumers or fellow employees. It makes a lasting difference and has shaped the destiny of the industry that they are in and ultimately the worlds events. Technology shapes us, and not in the sense that we have something cooler or more powerful than before, but it actually creates innovation that solves the most important problems.

So I think all of this means that the most important emotions you can have are the ones that indirectly effect others long after you stop having them. Emotions that don’t accomplish this, are not wasted but they do not participate towards the 6 needs mentioned in the video. Now I think it would be impossible to think that everyone is going to give back in some way. Maybe you don’t have the money, the time, the recourse, the technology, but as mentioned in the video, overall, it’s because you don’t have the emotion. The only way you would know this and not make the excuses of time, tech, etc, is through the education of this process. Meaning maybe, you have the emotion needed to accomplish a large goal and change the world forever, something just hasn’t brought it out yet. I believe this TED talk does exactly that.


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