Image from ID Served

This kitchen set up is actually designed for the elderly or mobile limited person, but I see a lot of concepts that could easily be carried out into a full kitchen design. Starting with the connection between the controls and the element they are controlling. Not only is this a very direct way to show the connection but it looks really nice with the other aspects of this stove top. The contrast of black and white lines, with the strait geometric edges of the entire counter compliment and control the look of the piece. The top of the water spouts have a line indicating a continuous cycle of water going from inside of the system, out, then back inside via the embedded water boiler.

Those bright orange power indicators are a really good change from the traditional red and once again, there is no question which element they stand for. If you follow the link, and watch the video, you will also see that the embedded water boiler has a drain at the bottom making it convenient to start and clean up after boiling. When it comes to innovating to improve on something that we all use a lot, the kitchen, or mainly the stove top, has not been touched on for a while to my knowledge at least. It’s simple elements such as the black line on the controls or embedded boilers that separate this stove from the others.


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