Image from Behance.net

Designer fans are not really the first thing I would think to look at when buying furniture for awesome modern home. But then again, why would I buy anything that is not modern, different, and has much thought in it’s design? This fan (red and black noodle looking thing) has an interesting inspiration. The inspiration for this piece came from the vents on the outside of some manufacturing plant. Atleast that’s what the this site has me believing. But why wouldn’t you take a concept that a heavy duty industry uses and apply it to the home. It is a much smaller scale but the shape and physics are the same.

Sitting next to that couch, from the perspective in the shot, this object has a little bit of a personality. I like how the orange really screams the fact that, “there is something going on in here!” If you could shrink down and explore the inside of the fan while it’s running, the aggressive red/ orange color would fit the environment pretty well I’m guessing. Lastly, most importantly to me, I like how it has a gloss finish. This shows fluidity, just like the air being pushed through the form of the fan. Overall, the outside of the the object really foreshadows the inside. Even though we cannot see directly inside of it, we assume that it is hollow and know the actions taking place.


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