Image from Design Milk

I used the word connection in this post’s title since that’s the emotion that this design creates. Most of the fruits that are usually kept in a bowl on the counter do come from a tree. In a practical sense, unless the bowl of fruit is underneath something else like a stand or counter, the vertical space above the bowl is not being used. So why not extend the container upwards? Designer Simon Colabufalo did that with his innovative approach to displaying fruit.

The connection comes from seeing the fruit displayed on a branch system. Seeing anything hanging from branches surely reminds us of a fruit tree. Next you may make the connection of bringing a tree inside. To me it invokes the same feeling as having a house plant. Each time you go for a piece of fruit you would also be included in the fruits past memory, or journey, of being picked from the tree. While it doesn’t make the fruit any fresher, this is still touching on a major design concept, memory. If all of the branches were being occupied by an apple except one, there would be a sense that the apple from that branch had been picked and used/ eaten. So overall, besides being a creative way to display and hold fruit on the counter, the design brings so much more into the process of eating each individual piece.


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