Image from InStash

Maybe I’m being too critical here, but I don’t think so! Today I’m going to critique the Klipy. Keep in mind that I haven’t used this thing nor do I ever care to. But I’m not judging it on it’s easy of use or the durability, I’m looking at actually how useful it’s design is. At first glance, I thought this thing cuts cake. After reading the incredibly short article on it, I found out all it does is show you where to cut in order to get perfectly measured slices.

Personally, I have vivid memories of my mom or dad slicing into a cake but first scoring the center in an asterisk pattern. And guess what? This worked absolutely perfectly! This simple 5 second step, in turn, created the same exactness as the Klipy promises. Overall, I like the color, I like the idea, but it’s singular functional design is super weak from a design standpoint, am I wrong? Sure it tells you how many slices of cake you will cut with the numbers on the top of the curve seen on the green Klipy in the photo. But so does each line in the asterisk my parents used to make. Multiplying single digit numbers by two is difficult these days, I get that. But I want more from a Klipy. How about a thermometer or timer, just something else to make this thing useful. It’s design doesn’t tell the user how to use it very well. Since the thing is round like a cake, how about making the cut marks into the shape of cake pieces. Then it would look like what it is used for. I could see this thing getting super messy after cutting one cake. And with all of those moving parts and small crevices, it would be a hassle to clean. My biggest critique – Why is it called a Klipy?


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