The title is a play on the commercials for 5 Gum which show people having intense experiences in some sort of futuristic furniture. This chair (which you can find here) reminds me of those gaming chairs you can buy from various retail stores. Only this one is much sharper, physically and aesthetically. The yellow support bars that bend around the sides are a little bit of a contradiction to the title of the chair but do something else in aiding the rest of the piece.

By attracting your eye to the yellow, in-turn the rest of the chair becomes more “stealth like”. Things of stealth are not as stealthy if you are looking directly at them. The black yellow and gray combo also signifies a piece of industrialism and overall reminds me of aircraft. The main reason I like this chair is because, I can imagine sitting in it and knowing that the sharpness of the angles and thinness of its material create a different sense of space around the “sitter” than most chairs. There is so much space around you, it’s almost like you’re floating on a flat plain in mid-air.

There is also a contradiction I find in the way that the chair is juxtaposed to the floor versus, the style of its form. At first to me, it has an aggressive look. Yet the person sitting in it would be laying back as if they were sitting by the pool sipping cocktails. Not in front of a computer mainframe controlling the fate of the Earth as the design would state if it were an upright chair. While I relate the design and colors to aggressive stealth fighter plane technology, this chair is for relaxing. And because of this, the color and form are actually overwritten by the position of the chair. The position creates what I would call, secondary form.


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