I have been given my final project in my current design theory class. I have been assigned to design a kiosk that would drive traffic to a movie theater and to a specific movie. In doing so, I need to incorporate the aspects of design that I have learned throughout the quarter such as durration, and memory. It needs to show changes in degree and kind. You should be able to learn more about these concepts on my website under the theory section.

My idea right now is to make a dynamic experience that the user is given. The experience would be determined by how many people are in the booth. It would also be reliant on their social networking status. Meaning, likes and check-ins, and tweets would change the show in other ways. Electric frosted glass is used to build the structure in order for it to be changeable for the different movies that come out over its lifetime. My goal is to not only design a kiosk that movie goers will be interested in, but also a new platform for companies to advertise with through the use of social media.


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