The pic above is a screen shot I took.

Social media is getting a new platform that to me, looks really cool. Going to Medium’s web page it is simple and nice looking. It leaves a lot to the imagination as did Twitter the first time I logged in. Upon completing the page load which took less than a second, I was given the option to enter some text. Looking towards the bottom of the page, I was also given to opportunity to “try editing this page”. In the top right hand corner, I could sign in via Twitter. I did so, received an email to verify my account, and returned to The options are gone! Where the efff did they go? There is lots of information about Medium but no where to use it.

I have come to conclude that the page I saw the first time I went to was a teaser. A very good one at that, because while I cannot return to it without signing out, I can still remember everything that I saw. There wasn’t much but it ment a lot which really does mean a lot! I could just be jumping to conclusions because I haven’t spent a ton of time trying to get back to the page I first saw. But maybe I don’t want to for now. Because the experience I had this morning was one that you don’t get form many sites.

Put the web site aside along with what Medium is about. The personal experience I had and my perception on their “teaser” was unique. And, if nothing more has made me thing about what a preview website to a new company could be. To me this is way more important than finding out what Medium is about right now. It says something about “loggin in”. The login, changes your entire experience with a site. The theory and possibility behind that is something I will explore and post about in the near future. Medium looks cool, and it has already had an impact on the way I see the web and design in general when it comes to the user experience. Though this effect was probably not intended, it is gladly welcomed.


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