Touching plants seems strange to me. That being said, I touch them all of the time. Feeling how strong the stalk is or the condition of the leaves is something I do to my house plants on weekly basis. Just being connected to them in every way creates healthy plant. Imagine sitting in an office full of plants. Like, really, really, full of plants. Each plant is connected to a different machine that controls a remote device somewhere in another country. How odd… How about using a plant in the office to clock in and out with. How about just replacing every black or grey electronic controller with a plant? Sounds good to me! This would be a major re-design for every office, home, school, and building alike.

Green is better, or so says almost everyone I know. I agree, and think that if we have the opportunity to use plants in a more useful way than just looking nice, why wouldn’t we do it? Watching the video above, it is easy to get lost in the scientific chat and explanation on how it all works. I found it interesting but I’m sure many of you will turn off the video in 20 seconds or less because of this. If you are like me at all, the longer you watch the video, the more ideas and innovative thoughts will pop into your brain. I have a list of 10 I already want to use this technology for. What with your plant do?



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