To be innovative means thinking outside of the box. Not only that but it mean thinking a lot. Instead of just absorbing the media and ideas that are out there, buying them at Target for as cheap as possible, and staying “current” with popular trends in technology, being innovative does something much more important. The government and other organizations invest billions of dollars to invent new technology, ways of doing, and ultimately, further advancing the world as we know it today. I see something else happening on a much larger scale. This larger piece is made up of a lot of smaller pieces. Smaller independent companies are very big right now. Meaning there are a lot of them. With websites like Kickstarter and applications that take the programing or technical knowledge out of building digital media, there is a new way of inventing upon us.

It is at times of need when we are the most creative. Maybe you got fired or lost your job for some reason. Now you either have to find another one or make a new one. This was the case of  an entire branch of game creators who were let go from a much larger company. From this story, look past the fact that they make games or that their game looks cool. Think about the idea behind their idea. Their goal is to release three games that all play differently but are all connected by the same virtual world. What one person does in one of the games will effect what that same person or someone else does in the other two. The idea behind this idea is that are trying to change our idea or, re-invent what a virtual world consist of.

In this post I wrote a little while back, I talked about everyones ability to be creative. Now more than every, I see this being the case. Everyone has an idea. It doesn’t take government funding anymore to do something great and something that will change peoples perspectives of what is. Being innovative and creating these smaller projects and execution of ideas is the new way of forwarding our understanding of how to deal with problems. Some problems are larger than others, but without these small steps in inovation and idea creation, we may not be prepared to deal with what lies ahead. I see the importance of giving everyone access to invention, design, and creating innovative ideas and executing them into reality.


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