The two pictures above capture the last week of design theory as I have perceived it. Starting with the left photo, duration and memory are shown in different ways throughout the image. Duration is seen in the changes of color, shape, space, and direction of the foam figures. From blue to orange, the color and direction that each blog faces is changed in direct relation to the one before it called permeation. The memory is seen in the cuts/ chips taken out of a few of the blocks. Simulating wear or certain events that may have happend to this object over time. Each chip, marks an exact time in which it happend.

The photo to the right shows a spider web that has been positioned flat on the ground opposed to most webs we see that are spanning across a vertical plane. The difference here between the two kinds of webs is a difference in degree. A difference in kind would be used to describe the bugs that each web catches. The web pictured above is probably more useful to catch bugs that hop around in the grass than a web hung from a tree to catch flying bugs. Thus the difference in kind is in the bugs or outcome of each webs function.


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