Unlike most mornings, I have decided to use my own image and discuss my thoughts on the difference high quality cameras on smart phones make.

“Watch this” I said to my self as I got excited to use the apps I have been collecting on the iPhone for the past couple of months. I used 4 different apps to eventually share this picture across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler. First I used the iPhone’s picture app to take the photo in HDR. Next I imported the photo into PhotoFX and made four different versions of the photo. Then onto PicJointer to arrange the 4 photos into the quad divided square pattern. Lastly, I imported the saved picture into Instagram for easy sharing across 4 very large social networking platforms. All of that took me less time to complete than it took me to type the steps!

The fact is that, using pictures and just a couple of cleverly thought words as a title, I feel like I can make a stronger concept than just typing one or two sentences into a status box via Facebook. Whether you are a professional photographer or not, you cannot deny that the tools used in iPhonography are awesome and a step out of the traditional thought-provoking box. The fact is that, the processing power and effects found in the apps I used which combined, cost me $2, produce some amazing effects that may have taken a very long time (relative to my method) to produce on a computer. Not only are these apps making photography more accessible to more people at a lower cost, but they are changing the way I communicate across a social network.


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