What kind of trust do you put in your furniture? Maybe you trust it to be soft and comfortable after a long day. Or maybe you want something that looks super classy, even though it’s not that great when it comes to the useful department. Or maybe you want to really trust this piece of furniture with your well-being. The kind of trust that is usually reserved for living things that can consciously make the decision to help you. Or the quarter-inch multi-colored rope that a rock climber trust their life with.

I pulled this photo from this article I found on the company site for In Stash Looking at this chair sitting on the ground, you can tell it’s meant to be reclined in. Seeing the man who’s really lying back in it, I ask myself, “is that safe?” Without having sat in it, I can only assume the fact that making that commitment to recline back to its full potential is an emotional leap such as falling back into your friends grasp during some corporate training camp. This thought of a chair being able to provide this kind of “rush” every time you use it is an interesting concept. Because, most recliners we own do the exact same thing. The big difference is their skeleton is covered by some other material, hiding the fact that it is the disbursement of force that is allowing it to balance.


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