Another entry from the Design Milk web site has got me thinking again. When it comes to furniture, especially for the wall, it really comes down to the spaces in between. A wall covered in furniture like shelves and cabinets may be practical and kind of useful, but they give a feeling of crowdedness and tend to not look as “calm” as something like the picture above. This article shows some wall mounted shelves designed by Tyler McKenzie. When viewing this work displayed on the wall, I not only look at the shelf its self, but also the space below it. Next I tend to look at the space on either side of it. Here, even though the shelf is so nicely designed, I am also very attracted to the space around the object.

In the class Industrial Design Theory I am taking right now, we just got done talking about the fact that making monads is all about looking at the space between the objects that they create. These shelves create a space that while it looks very open and empty, also has meaning or looks like there is something happening in it. I’m really interested in the theory behind all of this because I believe we all need to work on reducing what we have in our daily lives including what we display around the home. What makes shelves like these accomplish this and makes them useful is something I will explore it in later posts.


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