This lamp is a great example on how the color of the object is extremely important to the outcome of the product. Outcome including look and feel in this case. I found this lamp while reading an article from the Design Milk website. The article which you can find here describes the wood covering the neck of the lamp as a construction project. It looks like the 2×4’s have been quickly and “temporarily” nailed into place in order to hold up the structure.

I totally agree with the author of the article and also get this sense that the lamp could loose a piece or fall over at any moment. The biggest reason for this effect is the color of the entire lamp. Just pretend that the natural wood grain and orange glow was painted over in a black or white. Instead of feeling like the lamp is under construction, those pieces would be there for only two reasons. Esthetics and to hold the lamp up. In the case of the natural wood color, there are 3 effects that those  pieces have and the third is an emotion.


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