I stumbled on this quirky way of displaying data from a cell phone on my daily visit to the Fast Company web site. The idea that really interest me was the fact that the string and the arms are slow smooth gliding objects, much like the hands of a clock. They said that the information is “more meaningful” to us this way because it is not bound by the temporary flashing of an LCD screen.

The main reason I was intrigued by this article is because just recently, I have started buying crappy plastic clocks from Value Village, and re-designing them. New backdrops, and hand designs. Most would ask, why do you even need a clock displayed on the wall when, your cell phone, iPad, computers, tv, cable box, maybe even a watch, all have the time displayed? The reason is simple, I enjoy looking at the analog simplicity of the clock on my wall. I don’t even mind the loud ticking noise it makes. It reminds me that in a world/ room full of electronics displaying their dynamic data, there is still analog movement that can be appreciated when it comes to the devices we fill our lives with.


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