Sometimes writing a blog is a matter of going on the internet and finding something interesting/ interest yourself. At the bottom of this article, I found a link to a company page I had never heard of, Open Source Cities.

Now, I couldn’t tell you what this company does or where it is located, who the owner is, what their logo looks like, when it was published, what its home page looks like, or even if I was on a web page. That’s because when you go to the site, all you see is a video playing over and over again. Full screen, no links, no controls. The screen says YouTube at the bottom but even that is not a link. I started clicking all over the screen, using arrow keys, mouse scrolling, and pressing space bar. Suddenly, the screen went black for a second, but it was just the video starting over again. This was the first time I had gone to a “website” and not been able to click on anything. I found the video interesting but, that’s it! I started to wonder if there was some, hidden meaning in the fact that the city is obviously a fake city. Or is it just a clever camera filter. Who knows, I don’t. Check it out and see what you find.


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