THIS IS KIND OF A RANT BY THE WAY  The article that sparked it.
What do you need? What do we all need? I don’t know… Probably not another smart device. So why buy this one? Uh, because it’s fun to use. No, that’s not why you should buy the Intel Magic Concept Device. Actually you probably shouldn’t buy it because it’s not really what you need. Think about it.

Cell phones were not what we needed, but everyone wanted one because they had the ability to stay in touch wherever they went. Since so many people wanted them, they became affordable and most people bought them and still do every 2 years. Now, arguably, you need a cell phone. Hopefully the difference between needing and wanting is very clear. There are tens of thousands of handheld devices that all basically function the same. Few are better than the rest. Those that stand out, are purchased. Those that don’t, are still purchased because they’re cheap.

So my question is, why do these large companies such as Intel need instant gratification. Because that’s basically what they are looking for by creating some “new” internet media device. We already have a bunch of them sitting on our desk, sitting at Goodwill, on clearance at Best Buy, but they are just hoping to make a few quick dollars to create more crap. Are they skeptical that next week, I’ll get bored of buying electronics?… maybe.

Intel creates amazing technology that is found in their processors and on motherboards. Fitting 2.3 trillion transistors under a 1×1 inch piece of metal is no easy feat. So why not save the money and resources to build something as amazing as their new Ivy bridge cpu’s. I don’t know why! So I’m going to find out. I’ll report back when I do. Luckily I can do the research 4 times as fast since I have a desktop, laptop, iPad, and iPhone. All of which can do everything that the Intel Magic can “supposedly” do.


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